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Empowering women through business.

Asandé ~ let there be more

Asandé is derived from the word ‘Azande’ which has the Zulu meaning; ‘let there be more’ and the Congolese meaning; ‘a people who possess much land’. Both meanings are about creating​ more for the people of the DRC & South Africa. 

Creating A Brighter Future

Asandé comes alongside women here in South Africa and further afield in the DRC through The Mother's Union. We believe empowering women through business is the most effective way to create a brighter future for women in need. Through each purchase we are able to fund three things for women here and in Congo. Firstly, holistic care for each woman depending on her needs. We then provide skills training for her to be effective in the business of her choice and lastly seed funding to create their own micro-enterprise. Each woman who is a part of the Asandé family is empowered to use business to rebuild their lives from the ground up. Our hope is that through Asandé women can create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Through every purchase you're providing :

Holistic Care

Skills Training

Seed Funding

The Mother's Union, DRC.

Asandé hopes to restore and rebuild the lives of those tormented by war in the DRC. As a social business we seek to provide holistic care for victims of sexual violence and provide empowerment opportunities though a wonderful nationwide initiative called The Mother's Union. That's why we give away 30% of our jewellery sales to this initiative.

Here, women from every province in Congo are cared for, supported and empowered through this union. Women are given the opportunity to receive emotional, spiritual and medical support as well as being trained as an artisan. They are then also given seed-funding to start their own micro-enterprise and provide for their families.
The ongoing conflict, violence and displacement in the Congo is often referred to as ‘the most forgotten crisis of our time’. We want to recognise and draw attention to the suffering in this country and provide a response for those who would like to help. 

Through Asandé we want to create an alternative future for the DRC by empowering it’s women to overcome some of their biggest challenges and contribute to a brighter future for the nation as a whole.

Our Local Brands 

We support female led brands that are local to South Africa. We love to come alongside refugees, women living in local informal settlements & really anyone who needs it! 

We work with women of great talent who need some sort of assistance to help them get their business off the ground. Sometimes this looks like providing a space to work, seed-funding, up-skilling opportunities or personal assistance in some form. 

You'll find that all our products are in line with this mission and are made by local women.

We're simply passionate about empowering women through business to recognise their great potential, provide for their families and impact society!