Restoring and empowering Congolese women with the choice for a brighter future through holistic care, skills training and micro-enterprise.

Asandé hopes to restore and rebuild the lives of those tormented by war in the DRC. As a social business we seek to provide holistic care for victims of sexual violence, the main weapon of their civil war.

Asandé is derived from the word ‘Azande’ which has the Zulu meaning; ‘abundance’ and the Congolese meaning; ‘a people who possess much land’. Both meanings are about providing more for the people of the DRC and enlarging the lives of it’s people is exactly what we want to do! 

‘The most forgotten crisis of our time’
– The Huffington Post

The ongoing conflict, violence and displacement in the Congo is often referred to as ‘the most forgotten crisis of our time’. We want to recognise and draw attention to the suffering in this country and provide a response for those who would like to help. Through Asandé we want to create an alternative future for the DRC by empowering it’s people to overcome some of it’s biggest challenges.

The Courage Collection
Members of the Mother’s Union, DRC

Every piece sold in The Courage Collection supports a women’s project called The Mother’s Union, based in Kinshasa, DRC that teaches women how to rebuild their lives through business.

Through purchasing a piece in The Courage Collection you’re not only recognising a woman’s courageous journey you’re also empowering her to rebuild her life. 

You are providing:

Through holistic care such as providing for her social, physical, medical and emotional needs, skills training for her to be effective in business and seed funding for micro-enterprise each woman can rebuild their lives from the ground up.

We believe that helping victims of war rebuild their lives through business is the most effective, long-term solution. Business is one of the most effective ways of alleviating poverty, empowering individuals and creating a hopeful future. Rather than a hand-out we want to provide these women with a hand-up and the choice for a brighter future. 

Dear customer,

Thank you so much for supporting our work in the DRC! Your purchase will make a huge difference in the lives of Congolese victims of war.

Please help us bring attention to this cause through sharing Asandé with your friends and on social media. You can download our free sharable images and resources on our share page.

We hope our Courage Collection encourages you on your journey! We would love to hear about your story of courage. Feel free to share it with us at We can’t wait to hear from you!

With love,

Georgi Kapepula, Asandé Founder.