How does it work?
We want to give the opportunity to carry the cause of Asandé to your network. By becoming a brand ambassador you create a positive face-to-face experience for our brand with your world. 
Through the power of soci​al media and through word of mouth advocacy you become part of the work we do with local women in SA and in DR Congo and part of the war against rape. As part of the brand ambassador package you also receive awesome perks, such as discounts on Asandé merchandise, a goody box of our products and VIP access to events and associated shopping experiences.

Want to receive free merch, gifts & perks?

Our Tiers
There are different levels of representation depending on what you would like to give! 
We will work with you to decipher the right tier for you. Here’s a brief overview of our three tiers, bronze, silver & gold …


– A welcome goody box of merchandise – Receive 10% off the shop- Share the cause on social media- Post 6 times a year about Asandé


– Receive a goody box twice a year – 15% off of all merchandise – Be an active ambassador of Asande – Post 10 times a year about the cause of Asande


– Receive a gold standard goody box twice a year- Perks & promotional opportunities – 20% off of all merchandise- Acquire 2-3 new brand ambassadors per year.- Post once a month about Asande

Supporting women through business
Our mission is to empower women through business. This includes victims of sexual violence in DR Congo, as well as local women in SA who are looking to rebuild their lives and create a brighter future. As a brand ambassador you help us continue and increase our work locally and further afield. Learn more about our work on the Our Mission page …

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How to apply …

If you are interested in being a brand ambassador we wo​uld love to hear from you! Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Please feel free to share which tier you are interested in and why you think you will be a great ambassador!If you are interested in supporting our cause but 

don’t feel like you would fit into our tiers we would love to work with you and find something bespoke that works for you.

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