Fashion Trends
The Spring/Summer 2019 shows, which happened towards the tail end of last year, were many, many things. While the majority of designers continued with the memo ‘you do you’, what united them was their search for an expression of female

The question of how designers envision women, what a woman wears and the image she projects has become a political hot potato. The big takeaway from the season? To value those visions that really are attuned to reflecting our truth
in some way so that we can do us.

Photo by milomilo_official

What It’s Really Like to Break Into the Modeling World

Model discovery stories are mostly myth, but that doesn’t make them any less alluring. It isn’t enough to be beautiful and in search of work, one has to be plucked from obscurity. Oft repeated tales of being chased
by scouts at an airport, handed a business card while sipping coffee in Starbucks, or even spotted on Instagram have become the stuff of legend, but what is the reality?  Read more


Remember Midtown Uniform? Well, there’s a way to style vests without falling into that corporate casual pitfall. With a little creativity, vests have all the potential in the world to be chic.After all, they are
perfect for that moment between winter and spring, when it is breezy, but you don’t want or even need to commit to jacket with sleeves.