Miracles During Covid-19!7th May 2020

During South Africa’s national lockdown during the month of April we launched a COVID-19 RAFFLE! The aim was to do something to help South Africa’s neediest families as access to work was almost non-existent and therefore feeding their families became tough. We wanted to use our platform and products to do something to help the most vulnerable in our nation.

So, we raffled off our beautiful crucifix necklace for R150 per entry! All the money raised through the raffle went to supporting these families with their basic needs. Each family received either a food package or baby essentials to be able to care for their homes. We ended up helping families in; Dunoon, Langa, in creches & schools and in Kensington where a soup kitchen was set up to keep running even after the lockdown was finished!

Stunning personal notes were added to every food package so they knew they were coming from people who genuinely cared and through our partnership with @michelleydidit and Hillsong Africa Foundation we were able to help many communities through their local representatives.

The winner was announced on 21st April and we were so shocked and delighted to see the miraculous generosity of people and the amount we were able to raise!

R51,967 was our final total!

It’s amazing to know that through peoples generous giving we were able to help over 500 families with their essential needs during lockdown.

Together we can do amazing things for those most in need!

If you’d still like to give you can do so through our Covid Response Page. Any gift is so welcome and appreciated!