Mrs Zawadi’s Story5th August 2019

Mrs Zawadi Kataliko is 32 years old. Several years ago she met and got married to Mr Kitambi. They had 2 beautiful boys, and lived in a small village in the Kamango sub region of the Beni territory which is found in the east of the DRC.

They were busy each day running their small grocery business in the local market place selling tomatoes and other vegetables. One day Mr Kitambi decided to ask for a loan of money from someone in the town. Unfortunately because of their poverty he could not pay back the amount and knew he was under threat. He ran away. He left his wife and kids and has been gone since 2017, never to return.

Zawadi was left with 2 boys to raise in an area where there have been many troubles, many attacks from the rebels, ongoing conflict, kidnapping and many other hardships. She was close to loosing hope, feeling vulnerable and alone and terrified of what might happen to her and her boys.

The Mother’s Union gathered around her giving her the emotional support and the courage she needed to keep going and to get her life back on track. She decided to run her own business and now and she is increasing her income. She faced the responsibility of looking after two boys alone with strength and resolve and now she is able to pay all the school fees for her boys all by herself.

Mrs Zawadi shared:

The absence of my husband can’t stop me living when I have two hands and the chance of selling something to create an income. Maybe I can keep going and create a better life.

The Mother’s Union continues to walk alongside her, they stated ‘hope has been restored to Mrs Zawadi and she is improving’.