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The Celestine Collection

Celestine means 'heavenly' in French. Made from sterling silver, with 18k gold plating and semi-precious stones. 

Celestine is also an amazing woman who participates in the program we support in the DRC. We always want to keep our cause front and centre. Find the names of the other women in the program within our collection, the Marie necklace, the Feza earrings and the Therese earring are just some of them! 

Quality, Personalisation & Meaning.

Each piece is made from 925 sterling silver and some are additionally plated with 18k yellow gold. Plating is a great way to create that luxe yellow gold finish for a fraction of the price! Ours is thickly plated with the intent that each piece will last. All our pearls are fresh water pearls and our star pendants are hand made in Cape Town.

The Courage Collection

The Courage Collection is our inaugural jewellery collection! Each piece of this collection is about recognising women’s courage and rebuilding the lives of Congolese victims of war.

We seek to recognise the courageous stories of women in the DRC who have survived sexual violence, war and grief.