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Santorini is a stunningly beautiful group of islands (the southernmost of the Cyclades group) in the Aegean Sea, south of mainland Greece and west of Turkey.   The archipelago enjoys a superb climate, making it a favourite in summer, when tourists flock to the island’s main towns to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and gorgeous scenery.

San Diego is Southern California’s southernmost city, located along the coast just north of the Mexican border and along the Pacific coast. Weatherwise, it’s one of the most perfect climates in the world, with few really hot or cold days, plenty of sunshine and the occasional rainshower to keep things green.   Sights in San

London is a cultural melting pot where people from around the world have found a home.   London is a legacy of their colonialist past and a great contributor to its vibrant culture today: according to the 2001 census, over a quarter of the population of London was born outside the United Kingdom. Home to

Handed back to the government of China by the British in 1997, Hong Kong’s thriving capitalist market has in no way been slowed down by the influence of Communist rule. Skyscrapers are packed into a relatively small skyline on Hong Kong Island, as the fast-paced lives of business people tick away at ground level. Hong

The Roman Empire founded “Barcino” in the 1st century BC and the city has been a meeting point for different cultures ever since.   Barcelona saw the rise and fall of the Visigoths, Moors and Franks, eventually becoming a part of Castile in 1714. Franko’s authoritarian dictatorship in the 20th century restrained Barcelona’s potential, but

San Francisco’s cosmopolitan feel and somewhat European charm make it one of the most popular stops in the USA.   Located along the northern Californian coastline, the weather here can be a little less sunny and generally colder compared to the southern parts. September and October are considered the most reliable months for a visit.


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